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A quick start

PlayDuino offers the chance to learn basics of computer science, step by step. The simplicity of the system allows an easy entry. Programming PlayDuino takes place using the free, platform-independent "Arduino IDE".

In computer science education - play and learn at once

Boring computer science lessons belongs to the past, because with few lines of code simple games can be implemented on PlayDuino. Thats why playing becomes learning and the students' interest is aroused.

Extensive expansion options

Each PlayDuino has a "PlayDuino port" interface, with which you can connect your device to PlayDuino extensions. PlayDuinos also can be ordered with an integrated radio interface.


Who does not know them? The games that started it all. InoStore enables you to quickly and easily upload games to the PlayDuino without having to code yourself. It is the perfect solution for retro fans and tired programmers.