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What is PlayDuino?

Thank you for asking – PlayDuino project introduction

How to load games on the PlayDuino?

1) Install our InoStore, he can be found under Downloads.
2) Start InoStore.
3) Use a mini-USB cable to connect the computer with the PlayDuino.
4) Turn on your PlayDuino.
5) Click on the game you want to install.
6) After a few seconds the new game is started automatically.

What platforms are supported?

Playduino can be programmed with Windows, OS X and Linux. The InoStore is currently available for Windows and OS X.

How can I buy PlayDuino?

PlayDuino will be available online here in the future.
Please contact us now if you are interested, or register to stay up to date.

How long does the battery last?

Average of 8 hours, The runtime depends greatly on the game played.

How far does the wireless network last?

For uninterrupted fun, we recommend a maximum distance of 4 meters. Under ideal conditions, data transfers, such as by Sensors, up to 100 meters.

How can I charge PlayDuino's battery?

Connect your PlayDuino to a computer or charger using a mini-USB cable. During charging, the charging light on PlayDuino lights. If it does not here are some possibilities:
1) The computer / charger does not provide enough power.
2) PlayDuinos battery is already charged.
3) The mini-USB cable is not connected correctly.
If you suspect that the battery of your device is faulty, please contact our support.

How can I program games for PlayDuino

PlayDuino has been developed to be programmed using Arduino IDE. The custom Arduino IDEcan be found at downloads.

16x16 pixels, so little?

Absolutely. The PlayDuino has 16x16 individually switchable light-emitting diodes, which each can take one of 3 states: low, medium and high. Tests have shown that this resolution is perfect for retro- and innovative games.

How can I learn to program games?

Especially for newcomers PlayDuino offers the possibility of diving very easily into the world of programming. Learn more at education.

Is PlayDuino waterproof?

No, use only in dry.

How big is PlayDuino?

The device is about 100x80x18 mm.